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Our Ancestors in America (25) Robert Foote, 2nd son of Nathaniel Foote the Settler
Birth:   8 December 1627, in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
Christening:   Unknown
Death:   1681 in Branford, CT
Burial :   Hatfield,Hampshire,Massachusetts.
Children:    Eight Children
Marriage:   Sara Potter in 1659 in Wethersfield, CT
Generation:   Second Generation In America
Father:   Nathaniel Foote
Mother:  Elizabeth Deming

Robert Foote (25) was born December 08, 1627 in Ipswich, Suffolk the second son of Nathaniel the Settler. He married Sara Potter in 1659 in Wethersfield, CT. They resided in Wethersfield, Wallingford. and finally moved to Branford CT in 6 AUG 1659.

After Roberts death in 1681, Sara married again to Aaron Blachley of Branford in the year 1668. They lived in Guilford, CT. Robert and Sara had eight children. (See Vol I. Pages 28 and 29 for more information)

Children of Robert Foote and Sarah Potter are:

Nathaniel Foote  
Born on April 13, 1660 3 APR 1660, New Haven,Connecticut, the first son of Lt Robert Foote, and the grandson of Nathaniel the Settler. He married Miss Tabitha Bishop, of Guilford, CT in Branford, New Haven,Connecticut. She died in 1715 and he died in the year 1714. They resided in Branford, CT. Nathaniel and Tabitha had Nine children. (See Foote Family Genealogy, Vol I, pages 31 and 32 for more information on their children)  Go to Nathaniel

Sara Foote
Sara was born the first daughter of Lt. Robert Foote on February 12, 1662. (335 hers ago) She was married to her first husband Isaac the son of Richard Curtis of Weathersfield on 13 August 1682. The were married by the Rev Moss. Richard died on July 12, 1712 at the age of about 52. Sara was then married the second time on August 9, 1714 to Nathaniel How of Wallingford, CT. He died Feb 12, 1723. The date she died is unknown. Sara and Isaac had nine children:
Go to Sarah Foote

Elizabeth Foote
Born March 6, 1666 Elizabeth was the second daughter of Robert Foote (25). She was married January 12 1685 to John Graves, the son of John and Elizabeth (Stillwell) Graves of East Guilford Connecticut. He died December 1 1726 at the age of 68. She died in May of the year 1730 at the age of 64. She had ten children. (see Vol-I, page 29) 
Go to Elizabeth Foote

Josep Foote
Born March 06, 1665/66; Died March 06, 1750/51, North Branford, Ct; Married (1) Abigal Johnson, 1690; She was born on April 09, 1670, in New Haven, Ct; She died about 1709; Married (2) Sarah Rose, in the year 1710; She was born Abt. 1666, in Branford, CT; She died June 03, 1741; Married. (3) Susannah Frisbe on September 03, 1741; She died May 17, 1767. Go to Joseph Foote

Samuel Foote
Samuel was born on May 14, 1668 the third son of Robert Foote (5) He married Abigail Barker in1694, He died in the year 1696. They resided in Bradford, Connecticut. (see Vol-1, page 32 for information on their child.)Go to Samuel Foote

John Foote
Born. July 24, 1670; Died. 1713, Branford, CT; Married MARY ?, 1696; b. Abt. 1670. John Foote

Stephen Foote
Born December 14, 1672; Died October 23, 1762; Married (1) H. Howd; Married (2) Elizabeth Nash, 1702; Died January 15, 1738/39. (twin to Isaac Foote Stephen Foote )

Dr. Issac Foote
Born December 14, 1672; Died February 11, 1758, North Branford, Ct; Married Rebecca Dickerman, 1709; b. Abt. 1673; d. October 15, 1757, North Branford, Ct. (Twin to Stephen Foote) Go to Dr. Isaac Foote

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