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FFAA Family Education Conference

2015 Family Education Conference
Sep, 21-24 Salt Lake City, Utah

The 2015 Foote Education Conference was held in
Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks go to Mike and
Keith Nyborg who hosted this great event.

Welcome to Salt Lake City,
The Crossroads of the West!

The Foote Family Education Conference is organized every other year under the auspices of the Foote Family Association of America hereinafter referred to as FFAA.

Our Conference Theme

Our theme is "Expanding our Foote Horizons" or "Footeprints over the Horizon."  Our objective is to meet and get acquainted with as many or our Foote cousins as possible, learn how to better research data on our families, what influence have they had, and learn where sources of information are located.

Also the opportunity to explore the education, history, and culture of the community where the educational conference is being held, including what Footes in the area have contributed , and how they have interacted with others in the communities where they have lived.

Salt Lake City 2015
Salt Lake City was amazing. Thanks to Keith Nyborg , Michael Nyborg and all of the committee members. We were fortunate to be in Salt Lake City for the Days of `47 ( Pioneer Days) in honor of when Brigham Young and his expedition arrived and decided this area was the right one for their group to settle.

Busy, fun, sharing and meeting new relatives are some of the descriptions that come to mind starting with the setting up of the social room, Board meeting (John did a great job as leader), gathering in the social room and walking to the area very close to the hotel which happen to be the library and the square.

On arrival Day registration was an on going activity as several locals decided to attend when they heard about it. Laurel (niece of Keith), and Joanne Gilbert helped Pat with her duties. Friday started with a parade which we only had to walk outside the hotel to get a great view

Later in the morning we started on our days trip to visit the museum for the development of the area by the Mormons. We next stopped for a delicious box lunch at a café toward our next stop which was Clear Creek where some of them decided to settle. Lumber was timbered and sent to the city for building. Along the way we passed several ski areas. Some of us saw a moose with a very large rack only feet away from us. He was concentrating on eating in the marshy wet land. It was a very pleasant walk around the lake.

In the evening we gathered for the get acquainted session when people introduced themselves telling how they were related to the Footes and where they were from. We had our business meeting , chance to buy items from the store and the raffle which generated a very nice sum of money for the organization to use toward publishing the books we are working on getting completed.

On Saturday we started with a walk around the square and the a very enlightening seminar by Chuck and Fran Moulton on genealogy research followed by a visit to the church library . We were able to do research in a room full of computers, with help from some of their people .

Later they brought out the actual journals of Warren Foote which are kept in a vault for us to view. Warren was one of the original settlers withBrigham Young.

Saturday evening we had a our banquet at the Energy Solutions Arena followed by the rodeo held there also. Wow what an experience. Keynote address was given by Dr. Terry L. Givens.

Sunday morning we attended the broadcast of the Tabernacle Choir where we were introduced as a group but not part of the broadcast. Words seem to be inadequate to describe the performance and I felt very lucky to be able to actually hear them perform. Needless to say the time seemed to fly by much too fast. Great thanks to all who made this conference outstanding.

I would like to thank Marge Lehman for sending the recap of the conference that you read on page one. In addition, to all who have sent pictures of the event. Keep them coming for future issues.

Thank you, and a round of applause for the tremendous job that Keith Nyborg, Vickie Da-vis, Glen Jensen, Laurel Jensen, Mike Krafton, Mike Nyborg and Rulon Swenson, did to make this conference a huge success. I heard comments from the board members like, “this was the best conference ever” and “it will be hard to top that”. Thanks again !

I received a copy of the “Foote” Prints in the Salt Lake Valley from John Foote. This book-let was the guide for the bus tour that was held at the conference on Friday. The booklet is filled with history and pictures of the area. It is truly a gem. I understand that it was put together primarily by Laurel Jensen. Thank you! A wonderful job and tons of information. I will publish many of the highlights in a future newsletter.

During the conference we had 17 States represented: WY, OR, NM, WA, NV, CA, ID, UT, MN, VA, AZ, WI, NY, CT, MA, IN, and CO.

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