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Maps and Photos

British Prison Ships

Images of the British Prison Ships of the Revolutionary War. For the full article by Harriet Rockwell go to Footesteps of Pasco Foote 8

   British Prison Ship
British Prison Ships
  Inside the Prison Ship
British Prison Ships
Monument to the prisoners on the British Prison Ships

Sherburne W. Burnham

Sherburn Burnham's mother
Picture of Marinda Burnham
Picture Emery Foote

  Sherburne W. Burnham Descendants of Pasco Foote can proudly claim the ninetieth century astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Burnham, as kin.

Descendants of Pasco Foote can proudly claim the ninetieth century astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Burnham, as kin.The story of this self-made man, who was an important contributor to the study of double stars, is an interesting one

Photos of the St. James the Great Church, Colchester
St. James is thought to be the church in which Nathaniel Foote and his family Worshipped.  See the article submitted by the Rector of the church of St. James the Great

News from Colchester by Father Peter Walker

  Exterior of St James
  Interior of St James

A picture of St. James the Great church, Colchester, England

Photos / Drawings of Colcheter Castle
Colchester Castle is located in Colchester England. See the full article at the following links

Colchester Castle Information presented in Book II by Abram Foote

A Virtual Tour of Colchester Castle
This is a virtual tour of the current condition of the castle.

  Drawing, Colchester Castle
An illistration of Colcheser Castle as it was in the 12th century
  Present Day Castle
A picture of Colchester Castle as it looks today

  Castle Drawing
A picture of Colchester Castle as it looks today

Photos from Foote Family Genealogy Volume I
A series of photos from Abram Foot's Genealogy book I Published 1907.

  Abram W. Foote
A photo of Abram W. Foote the author of Foote Family Genealogy Volumes II and II
 First 100 Foote Ancestors, June 5th 1907
A gatering of 100 Decendants of Nathanile Foote the Settler, in Wethersfield Connecticut on June 5th, 1907

  Nathaniel Foote Burial
Nathaniel Foote and Family are buried in the cemetery  back of this church in Wethersfield, CT

  Nathaniel Foote House
Barn at Colchester, CT formerly a house and the home of Nathaniel Foote Jr.

  Monument Site
Site of the homestead of Nathaniel Foote the Settler 1636, taken in 1907

  Nathaniel (25) House
Site of the homestead of Nathaniel Foote the Settler 1636, taken in 1907

Photos of the Nathaniel Foote Monument
These are pictures of the Nathaniel Foote Monument located at Wethersfield, Connecticut, you can view the rededication articles at these links:
Keynote Address by Damien Cregeau
Rededication Address by Barbara Foote, President

This great monument is of Barre, Vt. granite, rough hewn and is seven and a half feet high by four feet by three and a half feet on the base.

The monument is surmounted by a bronze electric lamp eight feet high. Making the total height 15 feet and six inches. The base rests on a concrete foundation, seven feet deep.

In the foundation, under the base is a sealed copper box, containing a copy of the Foote Genealogy 1908, reports of the first meeting of the association, list of moneys given to the memorial fund, and the members of the association.

  First Dedication 1908

A picture of the first dedcation of the  Nathaniel Foote Monument in September 12, 1908 at Wethersfield, Conn

  2nd Dedication 2009
A picture of the rededication of the  Nathaniel Foote Monument in Wethersfield during the 2009 reunion in Wethersfield, Connecticut

Rededication by Damien Cregeau

Rededication by Barb Foote President FFAA

The inscription reads:
Nathaniel Foote The Settler Born in England 1593, Died in Wethersfield 1644

Erected by the Foote FamilyAssociation of America on the original home lot Sept 17, 1908 Nathaniel and Elizabeth's children are listed on the reverse.

  Current MonumentA picture of present day Nathaniel Foote Monument

Fort Foote National Park
During the Civil War our Government built 68 forts Around the Nation's Capital. These earth and log Structures were designed To be temporary field fortifications And only resist The attack of ground forces Such as infantry, cavalry, and Artillery. See the article on Fort Foote for more information.

Additional Links
Fort Foote Park in Maryland
Images of Fort Foote Park
Additional Information about Fort Foote

  Map of Fort Foote
A drawing of Fort Foote Naional Park
  Rodman or Columbiad Cannon.
Rodman Cannon, also known as a Columbiad. The enormous smoothbore cannons weighed 25 tons and required 45 pounds of gun powder to send a 440-pound round-shot over 5,000 yards.
  15in Rodman Cannon. 15in Rodman   Cannon.  

Centennial Bench Dedication
During the 2009 reunion, in addition to rededicating the monument to Nathaniel FooteThe Settler in Wethersfield Connecticut, the Centenial Bench was also dedicated in a ribbon cutting ceremony.

picture of the Centenial Bench

Additional Links to Wethersfield Connecticut

Wethersfield Historical Society

Education Conference

The 2013 FFAA conference took place in Burlington Vermont on June 6-9. We had 40 in attendance at the conference from 11 states and Canada. We had several members that had never attended a reunion. You can see the full article on the 2013 conference by clicking on the link below

2013 Education Conference

  2013 Attendees
Attendees of the 2013 Reunion
  2013 Attendees
Attendees of the 2013 Reunion

Shalford England
Photos of Shalford England from Abram Foote's second book.

Shalford Residence
picture Shalford England Residence
Village Street Shalford
picture Shalford England Residence

Wethersfield Cemetary
Photos of Wethersfield Cemetery.

Memorial to Settlers of Wethersfield
picture Shalford England Residence
Original Wethersfield Cemetery
picture Shalford England Residence

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