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Our Ancestors in America (28) Phillip Smilth , husband of Rebecca Foote
Birth:   25 Nov 1632 in Suffolk, England
Christening:   30 APR 1633 Hadleigh, Suffolk, England
Death:   10 Jan 1684/1685 in Hadley, Massachusetts
Burial :   Hadley, MA
Children:    Seven Children
Marriage: Rebecca Foote in Wethersfield, CT.
Generation:   Second Generation In America
Father: Samuel Smith

Extract taken from the book entitled "Colonial Families of the United States - The Foote Family" as follows:

"Philip Smith was the son of Samuel Smith, senior, one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, merchant, and after 1659, of Hadley, (Mass.,) where he died about the beginning of the year 1680." At Page 505 of the book, it is stated that Lt. Phillip Smith died on 10 January 1684/1685.

He was one of the original settlers of Hadley, in 1659; home lot No. 7 on the east side of the street. He was a very prominent citizen of Hadley; succeeded his father as Lieut, at Hadley in 1678, and in the same year was appointed Lieut, of the "Hampshire County troop;" was deputy for Hadley several years and one of the Judges of the County Court. There were some peculiar circumstances attending his last sickness and death which, in accordance with the spirit of the times, was attributed to witchcraft.

Cotton Mather gives an account of these circumstances in his "Magnalia" and describes Lieut. Smith as "a Judge of the Court, a military officer and a representative of the town of Hadley * * * son of eminently virtuous parents * * * a deacon of the church in Hadley * * * a man for devotion, sanctity, gravity, and all that was honest, exceedingly exemplary."

"As if Hadley had not enough to endure from within and without, to the natural fears of her citizens were added superstitious terrors, for in the midst of the second Indian war Mrs. Mary (Revere) Webster, reputed to be a witch, began to cast an evil eye about her to see what mischief she might do.

As a consequence, cattle would stop in front of her house and stand trembling until by her magic power she allowed them to pass. A load of hay, upset by her machinations, returned to its normal position without help from human hands, when the woman was threatened by the driver. She entered the door of a neighbor's house, when lo, the baby in the cradle was raised three feet in air, and replaced by an unseen power upon its pillow.

A hen flew down the chimney into a pot of boiling water, and the witch was found to be suffering from a scald. Enraged, the citizens "haled her down to Boston," where, after trial, she was acquitted and returned in triumph to her home, only to revenge herself upon Deacon Philip Smith, "a man for devotion, sanctity, gravity and all that was honest, exceeding exemplary."

This valuable citizen was, according to Cotton Mather, "murdered with an hideous witchcraft." "A wretched woman of the town, being dissatisfied at his just care about her, expressed herself unto him in such a manner that he declared himself apprehensive of receiving mischief at her hands."

He began to be "very valetudinarious" and, after wonderful manifestations in the sick-room, died, and his body was found "full of holes that seemed to be made with awls,"all of which is related in the Magnalia, with full particulars added.

While the sufferer was yet alive, a number of brisk lads dragged the witch out of the house, hung her up until nearly dead, and then buried her in the snow, but,according to the record, "It happened that she survived and the melancholy man died."

Mary Webster lived eleven years after her hanging, and died a natural death, a proof to many minds that she really was a witch." (Historic Hadley,page 37)

See: The Direct Statement From The Magnalia Christi Americana, by Cotton Mather - 1702.

  • The Complete Book of Emigrants: 1607-1660 by Peter Wilson Coldham; page 115

  • Descendant of Lt. Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Smith of Group 1 on DNA Project.

  • FTDNA SmithConnections Northeastern Public Page.

  • memorial #6651036 in Old Hadley Cem, Hadley, Hampshire, MA

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  • American Ancestry By Thomas Patrick Hughes, Frank Munsell: Page: Vol 8 p 70 & Vol 11 p 222

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  • History of the Town of Waitsfield, VT By Matt Bushnell Jones; Page: 458

  • Author: Gary Boyd Roberts Title: Notable Kin, Volume One (Boyd - Vol1, p119) Publication: Name: Name: Carl Boyer, 3rd; Location: Santa Clarita, California; Date: 1998

Children of Rebecca Foote and Philip Smith are:

Samuel Smith,
Born January 1657/58; died 1707; Married Mary Church on November 16, 1682. He had a son born 22 Jan 1661, died. 22 Jan 1661

John Smith,(Deacon)
Born December 18, 1661; died April 16, 1727; Married Joanna Kellog on November 29, 1683; She was born on December 08, 1664.

Jonathan Smith,
Born in 1663; died about 1737; Married Abigail Kellog on November 14, 1688.

Philip Smith,
Born about 1665; died on January 25, 1724/25; Married (1) Mary Bliss on July 09, 1687; She was born in 1670; She died December 23, 1707, Hartford, Ct.; He married. (2) Mary Robinson on September 1708.

Rebecca Smith,
Boen in 1668; Died on October 07, 1750; She married George Stillman in 1686; He was born about 1654 And died November 17, 1728.

Nathaniel Smith,
Born in 1671; died in 1740; He married Mary Dickinson on February 06, 1695/96; She was born about. 1673 and died August 16, 1718.

Joseph Smith,
Born in 1674; died September 08, 1736; He married Ester Parsons; She was born December 24, 1672 and died May 30, 1760.

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