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Footesteps of Pasco Foote
The First Three Generations
Articles By Harriet Rockwell

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many articles devoted to Pasco Foote of Salem and his descendants. I'm Harriet Rockwell, a 13th generation descendant of Pasco, and I'll be collecting information to share with other FFAA members on this Website

I'm really excited about this new venture and I hope that you'll help me make it an interesting and informative one. In a future issue of "Footeprints" I'd like to include a list of the Pasco descendants who are currently members of FFAA, so please send me your Pasco lineage as soon as possible.

Ed Strickland, is working hard updating and making corrections to the "Foote History and Genealogy" written by Abram W. Foote. Wouldn't it be great to have our Pasco branches contained in the updated volumes.

Unfortunately, not nearly as much is known about Pasco Foote of Salem as is known about Nathaniel Foote of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Pasco's line appears in Abram Foote's two volume work, but we find only 18 pages covering this Foote line in Volume 1 and only 19 in Volume 2.

I'll look forward to hearing from anyone with information on Pasco they would like to share. My E-mail address is: hrockwell@earthlink.net Note: Lengthy lineages and long articles should be sent to my snail-mail address: 1177 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312.

Additional Articles
By Harriet Rockwell
More Information About Pasco
Since this portion of the web page is devoted to the immigrant, Pasco Foote, and his descendants, let's take a look at the information that's been published about him and about some of his descendants who were also named Pasco Foote.

Manchester by the Sea
While tracing your ancestors, don't overlook the wealth of information to be found by visiting the towns where they lived and reading the histories of those towns. This article tracks the history of the fishing industry in New England.

Zachariah Foote and the Migration to Nova Scotia
At some point, most of us have read about the historic events that led to the migration of scores of New England colonists to Nova Scotia in the 18th century. For those of us with an ancestor who took part in that migration, the story is especially fascinating.

Sherburn Wesley Burnham, - Double Star Descendant of Pasco Foote
Descendants of Pasco Foote can proudly claim the ninetieth century astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Burnham, as kin. The story of this self-made man, who was an important contributor to the study of double stars, is an interesting one. Sherburne Wesley Burnham was born December 12, 1838 in Thetford, Vermont, the son of Marinda Foote and Roswell Burnham

Photos from the 1800s
If you read the article about the astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Foote above, you may remember that his other hobby was photography

Prison Ships During the Revolution
Caleb senior was a sea captain who served in the Revolutionary War, though it is not clear whether he served aboard one of the fledgling Continental navy's 64 warships or aboard one of the many privately owned merchant ships armed and commissioned as privateers which supported the small Continental navy in harassing the much larger and more powerful British navy and in capturing, raiding, and destroying British merchant ships.

The First Three Generations of Pasco Foote
Settler of Salem, MA
(from Foote History & Genealogy, by Abram W Foote, Vol I.)

An e-mail request was received recently from Shirley Foote, whose husband is a descendent of Pasco Foote. She said that they had become members of the FFAA about two years ago and noticed that most of the information contained in Footeprints was regarding Nathaniel's line.

Since she was interested in information on Pasco's line, we thought others would also be interested as well. Carolyn "Sue" P. Jordan, FFAA Genealogist, was kind enough to provide the first three generations of Pasco Foote in response to Shirley's request.

The First Generation

Pasco Foote (1)
Pasco was born Bet. 1570 - 1616, and died November 28, 1670 in Salem, MA. He owned land in 1636 at Salem, MA. He joined the church: Bet. 1652 - 1653 - all 8 children were baptized February 6th of that year. His will was filed September 20, 1670, and probated June 30, 1671

Children of Pasco Foote are:
(1) i. John(2) Foote, d. probably young.
ii. Malachi Foote, d. young.
(2) iii. CAPT. Samuel Foote, b. Bet. 1635 - 1640; d. July 07, 1690, near Amesbury, MA.
iv. Elizabeth Foote.
v. Mary Foote.
(3) vi. Issac Foote, b. Bet. 1638 - 1650.
(4) vii. Pasco Foote, b. Bet. 1639 - 1650, Salem, MA; d. Bef. 1688.
viii. Abigail Foote.

Generation No. 2

(2) Capt. Samuel Foote   Ancestor: Pasco(1)
He was Granted land: Bet. 1659 - 1668. His occupation was that of a planter .
Child Of Samuel Foote and Hannah Currier is:
. CAPT. Johns Foote, b. July 09, 1660, Salisbury, MA; d. Bef. June 06,1737, Amesbury, MA.

(3) Issac2 Foote Ancestor: Pasco(1)
He was born Bet. 1638 - 1650. He married Abigail Ingalls October 02, 1668 in Salem, Ma, daughter of Thomas Ingalls. She was born July 21, 1648.

Children of Issac Foote and Abigail Ingalls are:

i. Issac3 Foote, b. February 04,1669/70; d. June1670.
ii. Abigail Foote, b. September 21, 1671. 6.
iii. Samuel Foote, b. April 29, 1673, Salisbury, MA; d. Bef. July 17, 1741, Salem, MA.
iv. Elizabeth Foote, b. April 1675; m. Nathaniel Felton, June 29, 1698; b. June 08, 1672; d. July 1732.
v. Malachi Foote, b. April 11, 1680.
vi. Mary Foote, b. May 07,1682; d. Bet. 1682-1690.
vii. Mary Foote b. January 1690/91.

(4) Pasco(2) Foote Ancestor: Pasco(1)
He was was born Bet. 1639 - 1650 in Salem, MA, and died Bef. 1688. He married (1) Martha Ward October 02, 1668 in Salem, MA. She died Bef. November 1678. He married (2) Margaret Stallon November 30, 1678.

Children Of Pasco Foote and Martha Ward are:

i. Malachi3 Foote, b. August 18, 1668.
ii. Martha Foote, b. December 14, 1671.
iii. Pasco F00te, b. September 01, 1677.
Child of Pasco Foote and Margaret Stallon is:

iv. Issac(3) Foote, b. Aft. 1678.

Generation No. 3

(5) Capt John(3) Foote Ancestors: Samuel(2), Pasco(1)
He was was born July 9, 1660 in Salisbury, MA and died before June 6, 1737 in Amesbury, MA. He married Bathsheba before 1691. She died september 3, 1727 in Amesbury, MA.

Children Of John Foote and Bathsheba are:

i. Samuel(4) Foote, b. March 3, 1690/91.
ii. Mehitable Foote, born march 30, 1694
iii. John Foote, born December 20, 1697

(6) Samuel Foote Ancestors: Issac(2), Pasco(1)
He was was born April 29th, 1673 in Salisbury, MA and died before July 17th, 1741. He married Mary Palmer November 12, 1696, the daughter of Richard Palmer. She was born July 08, 1673 in Salem, MA

Children of Samuel Foote and Mary Palmer are:

i. Issac4 Foote, b. August 18, 1697.
ii. Samuel Foote, b. April 13, 1700.
iii. Mary Elizabeth Foote, b. October 29, 1701.
iv. Abigail Foote, b. March 15,1703/04.

(7) Malachi(3) Foote Ancestors: Pasco(2), Pasco(1)
He was born August 18, 1668. He married Elizabeth Masters December 13, 1710.

Children Of Malachi foote and Elizabeth Masters are:

i. Malachi Foote, b. September 18, 1711.
ii. John Foote, b. August 13, 1715.

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