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Our Ancestors in America (24) Mary Foote, 2nd daughter of Nathaniel Foote the Settler
Birth:   In the year 1623 In Colchester, England
Christening:   Unknown
Death:    In the year 1687
Burial:   Possibly Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Children:   Seven Children
Marriage:    John Stoddard See Below
Generation:    2nd Generation in America
  Second Generation In America
Father: |  Nathaniel Foote
Mother:   Elizabeth Deming

1st Marriage:
John Stoddard in 1642, At Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He was born December 21, 1623 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England the Son of John Stodder and Hannah Bryant

2nd Marriage:
John Goodrich in 1674, At Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. John Goodrich was born in or near Bury St. Edmunds, County Suffolk, England; came to America and first appears on the Collection Records of Connecticut (Hartford) 10 November 1643.

He was juryman 4 December 1645, 4 March 1646, 7 September 1648. He held lands at Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1644. He married first about 1645, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Edwards.
Elizabeth died 5 July 1670 and he married second in April 1674, Mary Foote, born 1623, widow of John Stoddard and daughter of Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming. John died in Wethersfield in April 1680.

3rd Marriage:
Lieut Thomas Tracy About 1682, At Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.

Lieut Thomas Tracy was born in Tewkesbury, England, in 1610, came to this country to Salem, Mass., and removed to Wethersfield, Conn., in 1637; married in Wethersfield in 1641, Mary Mason, widow of Edward Mason.

He married second, in Norwich, Conn., Martha Bourne, daughter of Thomas Bourne.

He married, third, Mary Foote, daughter of Nathaniel Foote. Lieut. Thomas Tracy died Nov. 7, 1685. This family has been traced from Woden of Norway and Sweden, A. D. 300, through the Kings of England, France and Germany.

Born in the year 1623. Mary married her first husband John Stoddard of Wethersfield in the year 1642. John died in 1664. She married her 2nd husband John Goodrich of Wethersfield on 4 April, 1674. He died in April of 1680. She than married her 3rd husband Lieut Thomas Tracy date unknown. He died Nov 7 1685.

Children of Mary Foote and John Stoddard are:

Mary Stoddard
Born March 12, 1643. Mary was the first daughter of Mary Foote and the Granddaughter of Nathaniel The Settler. She was married to (Joseph Wright) the son of Thomas Wright of Wethersfield on Dec 10, 1663. She died August 23, 1683. Joseph than married his wife's sister Mercy Stoddard. He died in January 0ye 1715. She had one child; Joseph who was born 14 Feb 1669, and died September 2, 1756

John Stoddard
Born April 12th, 1646, he was married May 26 1667 to (Elizabeth Curtis), daughter of Thomas Curtis of Wethersfield. John had eight children. He died on Dec 4, 1703 at the age of 57.

Celeb Stoddard
Born September 12, 1648 and died in childhood.

Joshua Stoddard
Born September 12, 1648, a twin to Celeb Stoddard. He married on August 15, 1684 to (Berthia Smith), daughter of Richard Smith of Wethersfield. He died about 1725. No children are recorded.

Mercy Stoddard
Born in November 1642, she was married March 10, 1685 to (Joseph Wright) of Wethersfield. They had two children.
 | 1. Benjamin, born in Wethersfield, December, 1636.
 | 2. Nathaniel, born in Wethersfield, Oct. 16, 1688.

Elizabeth Stoddard
Born July 1656 she married ____ Wright.

Nathaniel Stoddard
Born in Mar 1661, he married his first wife Mary. She died Jan 17, 1693. He married his second wife (Eunice Standish), the daughter of Thomas Standish, of Wethersfield on Dec 7, 1693. He died on Feb 9, 1714. She died August 5, 1716 at the age of 52. He had one child by his first wife and three children by his second wife.

Reference to Children Above:
John Stoddard of Wethersfield Connecticut and his Descendants
1642-1873. Genealogy by: D. Williams Patterson
Published by Rev, E. "W. Stoddard 1873,

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