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Our Ancestors in America (26)John Dickinson, husband of Frances Foote
Birth:   August 22,1624, Billingborough, England
Christening:   22 Aug 1624 at Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England
Death:   May 19, 1676 at Turner's Fall, MA, at age 52
Burial :   Turner's Fall, MA
Children:    Ten Children
Marriage:   Francis Foote in 1648 in Wethersfield.
Generation:   Second Generation In America
Father:   Nathaniel Dickinson
Mother:  Ann Gull

John Dickinson of Hadley was born in England the son of Nathaniel Dickinson and Anna Gull Dickinson. He married Francis Foote the 3rd daughter of Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth deming in Wethersfield in 1648.

John was a surveyer of highways 1651, one of a committy to run the S. line of Weth. 1659. He removed to Hadley with his father 1659. John Dickinson served as a Sergeant under Capt. William Turner in King Philip's War. Dickinson was killed by Indians during the retreat at the Turner's Falls Fight (Battle of Peskeompskut), Franklin County, Massachusetts 0n 19 May, 1676.

A memorial plaque near Nash's Mill, Greenfield Twp, Franklin Co, MA, commemmorates the event as follows:

"Captain William Turner of Boston a soldier in King Philip's War was mortally wounded while crossing the Pukcommeacon (Green) River and fell on the west bank May 19, 1676 on the retreat after the 'Falls Fight' at Peskeompskut (Turner's Falls) Forty men of his command fell that day Captain Samuel Holyoke with the survivors fought their way back to Hatfield." John Dickinson does not have an individual grave marker.

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Children of Frances Foote and John Dickinson are:

Hanna Dickinson
Born December 06, 1648; Married. (1) Samuel Gilet; He died May 19, 1676; She then married. (2) Stephen Jennings on May 15, 1677.

Mary Dickinson
Born. about 1650; She married Smuel Northam in 1674

John Dickinson
Born about 1652; He married Susanna Smith; She was born in June 1667.

Jonathan Dickinson
Born about 1654; He died Before. March 1677/78.

Sara Dickinson
Born about 1656; She married. (1) Samuel Lane on December 11, 1677; He was born in. Suffield, Ct; She married. (2) Martin Kellogon February 27, 1690/91; He was born in Suffield, Ct.

Elizabeth Dickinson
Born about. 1657; She died before. March 1677/78.

Rebecca Dickinson
Born 1658;She died February 16, 1730/31; She married Joseph Smith on February 11, 1679/80; He was born in. Hadley, MA; He died in 1733.

Abigail Dickinson
Born about. 1660; Died 1714; Married (1) Thomas Croft on December 06, 1683; He was born in Hadley, MA and died February 27, 1691/92; She married (2) Samuel Crofoot on November 30, 1704.

Mercy Dickinson
Born about 1662; Died on June 30, 1735; She married Joseph Chamberlain on June 08, 1688; He was born in 1665 and died. August 07, 1752

Mehitable Dickinson
She married Jr. John Ingram on June 26, 1689.

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