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Our Ancestors in America
John Foote of Royston
Birth Date:   About the year 1530
Birth Place:    Royston, Hertfordshire, England
Christening:    Unknown.
Death:    Before. 18 July 1558
Burial:    Royston, , Hertfordshire, England
Children:    Four Children
Generation:    First Generation In England
Father:    Unknown
Mother:    Unknown

John Foote of Royston was one of our oldest confirmed ancestors. He was born about the year 1530 in the town of Royston, Hertford Shire, England. He owned a small manor house along with some land in the town. John was the father of Robert Foote of Shalford, and the Grand Father of Nathaniel Foote the Settler. John died before January 1558/59 in Royston, , Hertford Shire, England.

Parish records show that in the year 1548 John was married to Helen Warren the daughter of Richard Warren and Alice Jenway in Hertford Shire, England. She was born about 1529 in Bassingbourn, Cambridge Shire, England. Her death was recorded at St. Leonard, N/E Chapel London, England.

Children of John and Helen

(2) i Robert Foote of Shalford
(2) i Robert Foote of Shalford was the first son of John Foote of Royston. He is our second generation ancestor in England. He was born in the year 1552 and died. January 28, 1607/08, London, England.

(3) ii John Foote of London
(3) ii John Foote of London was born about the year 1555 In Royston, Hertsfordshire, England. He married Margaret Brooke the daughter of John Brooke of London. He was nathaniel Foote's uncle. John was a citizen and Grocer of London. He died about the year 1616 and was buried at London England. John was married in the year 1581. His wife died about the year 1634 and is buried at St. Benets Grace Church in London. They had six children.

(-) iii  Aves Foote.

(-) iv   Elizabeth Foote.

John's Will
Source: (PCC 34 noodles; George McCracken, "Nathaniel Foote's English Relatives" in The American Genealogist 1977 53: 193, hereafter McCracken; Janice Greene Valore, "More on Nathaniel Foote's Ancestors" in The American Genealogist (April 1978, 99, hereafter Valore)

John Foote died before 18 Jul 1558. When the undated will of John Foote of Royston, Cambridge shire, England, tallow chandler, was probated His will revealed that he had a wife named Helen, sons Robert and John, and daughters Aves or Avis (Alice) and Elizabeth.

The will also eluded to the testator's brother Foote, first name not stated and his two older children.

  • He left to the church of Royston, 20s;
  • To wife Helen, all lands and tenements in Royston for life; and L80 to be divided among all the children;
  • To servant Maud Smythe L6/13/4 to her marriage;
  • L3 that my brother Foot oweth to his two eldest children;
  • To wife's brother Richard Warren the younger and to her uncle John Jenawaye of Stoone, 40s each;
  • To wife the rest;
  • To son Robert a goblet, feather bed and bedding;
  • To son John Foot a silver salt, feather bed and bedding;
  • To Aves Foote and Elizabeth Foote, daughters, each three of the best spoons, bed and bedding;
  • All the remainder to wife named executrix.
  • William Meede, citizen and grocer of London;
  • John Jenaway,
  • Nicholas Warreyn of Bassingbourn
  • Richard Warreyn of Bassingbourn.

John Foote of Royston Robert Foote of Shalford - Son of John Foote of Royston John Foote of London (4) Robert Foote Jr. son for Robert of Shalford Elizabeth Foote Daughter of Robert of Shalford James Foote son of Robert of Shalford Mary Foote daughter of Robert of Shalford Joshua Foote son of Robert Foote of Shalford Francis Foote daughter of Robert of Shalford Joseph Foote son of Robert of Shalford Daniel Foote son of Robert of Shalford Nathaniel Foote son of Robert of Shalford Elizabeth Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Nathaniel Foote son of Nathaniel Foote Mary Foote daughter of Nathaniel Footee Robert Foote son of Nathaniel Foote Frances Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Sara Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Rebecca Foote daughter of Nathaniel Foote Josiah Churchill husband of Elizabeth Foote Elizabeth Smith wife of Nathaniel Foote John Stoddard husband of Mary Foote Sara Potter wife of Robert Foote John Dickinson husband of Francis Foote Jerimiah Judson husband of Sara Foote Phillip Smith husband of Rebecca Foote

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