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Our Ancestors in America John   Brooke
Birth:   1540, Of,London,London,England
Christening:   Unknown
Death:  St. Leonard East,London,London,England
Burial:   St. Leonard East,London,London,England
Children:  Nine Children
Generation:   First Generation In England
Marraige  Elizabeth Whatman on 8 MAY 1554, at St. Leonard East, London, London, England

In 1546 John completed his apprenticeship as a leatherseller.

John and Elizabeth's children were:

William Brooke
Christening 09 Oct 1556, St. Leonard's Eastcheap; London

Christening 11 May 1555, St. Leonard's Eastcheap; London

Robert Brooke
Christening 04 Apr 1566

John Brooke
Christening 04 Mar 1558

Christening 8 MAR 1561, St. Leonard's Eastcheap; London

Elizabeth Brooke

Susan Brooke
Christening 06 Mar 1560

Katherine Brooke
Christening 13 Jul 1567

Sara Brooke
01 Oct 1570

Mary Brooke
Christening 26 Nov 1564

Thomas Brooke
Death: Before 1 Dec 1625

John Brooks Children

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