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Genealogy Links
( Internet Links verified 20 October 2017 )
Genealogy Research Links
Listed below are several Internet sources that contain information about the Foote family and other families. The reader should be aware that many sources in books and on the Internet give conflicting information concerning dates and names.

Please Note -Many of these web sites require membership and fees to access the information they provide

Additional help with research
Help from the Gen Genealogy Today web site.

Getting Started with Research
http://www.vodien.com/singapore-community/education/getting-started-genealogy-web.php Getting Started article by Vodian.

Family Genealogy Forums
These links are provided by the Genform section of Genealogy.com. This is a good place to ask questions about your ancestors and receive answers from other sources.

Main Index Page
If you do not see your family name listed below, check the "Main Index Page" of the Genform web site

Searchable Genealogy Sites

Winter 2002 Footeprints Newsletter
A few sites listed in the winter 2002 Footeprints Newsletter
Connecticut Sites
Massachusetts Sites

Government Web Sites
Cemetary Sites:
Library Records
Italian Resources:
Commercial Sites

Genealogical Societys

Native Americans:
Education Sites:

Czech Republic:
Irish Genealogy:

Australia Resources
Chinese Resources:
Cuban/Hispanic Resources:
German / Europe
General Resources:
Hebrew Resources:
UTAH Resources
Additional Help
American War Info
MISC Resources:
Adoption Resources:
Personal Sites:

State, City, County Genealogical Record Sites:
Genealogy Web Sites:

Google Search on Family Names
This section is provided to help you start your search for your family history.The family names listed below are linked to a Google search for each family History.

Keep in mind that information provided on the Internet may not always be accurate. We suggest you contact members of your family to help confirm your family history.

A good description of the different search web sites
and the Ability to Search Our Web Site is available
on our Internet Search Page

Please Note
Each of the names listed above are associated with either our English ancesters or the genetic line of the webmaster. There are thousands of additional names (to few to list here) that are associated with the Foote surname. You can use the Google search to find information on surnames not listed here

If anyone knows of any additional World Wide Web (WWW) links that deal with Genealogy or theFoote or other families please let us know. We will include them on this page.

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