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First Meeting of the FFAA
Excerpts from Foote Family Genealogy
Volume 1, By Abram W. Foote"
Speech by Abram W. Foote
Judge Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vermont, then addressed the gathering. He said in part:

Dear Cousins:
Two hundred and seventy years ago Nathaniel Foote came to Wethersfield, Conn., and helped settle this, the first town in this valley; he had probably come from Colchester, England, about five years before.

The same energy that prompted Nathaniel Foote to leave Colchester, England, and come to Watertown, and then push again forward to Wethersfield, was apparent in his sons, Nathaniel 2nd, who founded the town of Colchester, Conn., and Robert, who moved to Branford, Conn.; and in the next few generations we find the descendants moving to Vermont and New York State, the frontier at that time, and in the next century pushing on to Michigan and Ohio, and as the country was opened up for settlement, still farther, until to-day we find them in nearly every part of the United States and some parts of Canada.

With the publication of the Genealogy the work of the Association really begins. There is no doubt but what there are many by the name of Foote who have not been traced out; some are indifferent, others have not the means of knowing, but in a few weeks you will all be able to trace the lines just so far as I can now, and by keeping up the interest the greatest success will be attained.

Let each member of the family report any additions or corrections at any time to the Secretary and the record will be preserved for future publication.

These meetings should be held bi-annually, at least, and in different parts of the country, and thus reach a larger proportion of the family.

The object of the Association is two-fold: closer social relations and to collect and preserve the history of the family.

To accomplish these purposes, I would suggest that we have an Assistant Secretary in each State, so far as possible, and that we encourage State Associations that shall meet bi-annually, alternating with the Nathaniel Association, and, if practicable, establish an English Association.

The ties that bind us are naturally closer than that of any fraternity: "Blood is thicker than water."

As we tread the ground that was subdued and tilled by our ancestors, let us not forget that they suffered those privations and braved those dangers that our parents, urselves, and our children should reap the benefits of living in this Glorious Republic.

Wethersfield, Connecticut, June 5, 1907. Hon. Abram William Foote, Middlebury, Vermont.

This closed the literary character of the morning session.

Remarks by Dr. Foote, of Brooklyn
After some informal remarks by Dr. Foote, of Brooklyn, congratulating Judge Abram W. Foote upon the success of his efforts upon the Foote Genealogy, It was moved and carried that as an association we tender to him our most hearty thanks for the work that he has done and that some reference in the form of a resolution be placed upon the minutes of this meeting. The following resolution was introduced and most enthusiastically endorsed by the association:

At the first meeting of the Foote Family Association, held at Wethersfield, Conn, on the 5th day of June, 1907, the following resolution was proposed and unanimously adopted:

That we extend to the Honorable Abram W, Foote, of Middlebury, Vermont, our sincere thanks and deep appreciation for the labor which he has so cheerfully given, and for the untiring efforts put forth by him in revising the Foote Genealogy to the present time, as well as to render this gathering so enjoyable to us all.

It has been ordered that this resolution be placed upon the minutes of this the first meeting of the Foote Family Association of America.

NATHANIEL FOOTE, Presiding Officer.
LEWIS NATHANIEL FOOTE, M. D., Acting Secretary.

It was moved and carried that a Commiittee be appointed to nominate officers, draw up rules and by-laws and present some brief form of organization. The chair appointed as such committee Mr. Julius Merrill Foote, of Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Mississippi, and Judge Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vermont.

The benediction was then pronounced by the Rev. John Bartlit Foote, D. i)., of Syracuse, New York, thus closing the morning meeting.

Owing to the rainy weather, the guests were largely confined to the Grange building, although later in the day many strolled to the Old Foote Tract and gazed upon the wonderful elm tree.

Lunch was served in the Grange dining hall at 1 o'clock. Over one hundred and fifty were seated and enjoyed a most bountiful repast which was furnished by the Grangers gratuitously.

After luncheon, a flashlight photograph of all those present at the meeting was taken. Instead of the picture being taken under the elm tree, as planned, the weather forbidding, the gathering was photographed in the Grange Hall. ( See the Photo on the Additional Photos page). A short time was then spent in singing patriotic songs.

Business Session
The business session was called to order with Judge Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, New York, in the chair. The report of the committee on the constitution and by-laws was called for and read.

It was moved and carried that the Foote Family Association of America be hereby organized, and do hereby adopt the constitution and by-laws as offered.

FFAA Offivers Nominations
The report of the committee on nominations for officers was called for and the following names were presented:

For President: Hon. Nathaniel Foote, of Rochester, New York.

For Vice-Presidents: Dr. Lewis Nathaniel Foote, of Brooklyn, New York ;
Mr. John Crocker Foote, of Belvidere, Illinois.

For Secretary and Treasurer: Judge Abram William Foote, of Middlebury, Vermont.

For Historian: Mr. Nathaniel Foote, of New York, N. Y.

For Counselors: (now known as Trustees)
Mr. Julius Merrill Foote, of Newark, New Jersey;
Mr. Lawrence Foote, of Canton, Mississippi;
Mr. Elizur V. Foote, of New York. N. Y.

It was moved and carried that the chairman of the committee on nominations cast the unanimous ballot of the association for the proposed officers.

Judge Nathaniel Foote assumed the chair as president and addressed the association briefly.

It was moved and carried that resolutions of thanks be sent to the hosts of the day and that the resolutions be incorporated in the minutes of the Association.

Nathaniel Foote Memorial
The subject of a suitable memorial being placed in the town of Wethersfield to perpetuate the name of Nathaniel Foote, the Settler, was brought before the meeting by Judge Abram W. Foote.

It was moved and carried that a committee be appointed, with power to solicit subscriptions for, and to place in the town of "Wethersfield, a suitable memorial to Nathaniel Foote, the Settler

. The president appointed as such committee Judge Abram W. Foote, of Middlebury, Vermont. Dr.Lewis Nathaniel Foote, of Brooklyn, New York, and Mr. John A. Foote, of Catskill, New York.

The business meeting was then declared adjourned.

Additional Speakers
Mr. Josiah G. Adams had been requested to preside at a symposium, at which addresses were listened to with much pleasure from the Wethersfield friends.

Those who spoke included:
Mr. Henry A. Stillman, of Hartford;

E. Hart Fenn
John T. Welles, Messrs.

R. R. Wolcott,
George W. Harris
Robert Griswold
F. A. Griswold, of Wethersfield
Mr. John Howard Foote, of Brooklyn, New York.

The day closed with the singing of "Blest be the Tie that Binds."
Many letters of regret and telegrams were received from those who during the day a telegram was sent to President Roosevelt.

Minutes of June 4 and 5 1907.

ABRAM W. FOOTE. Secretary.
LEWIS NATHANIEL FOOTE, M. D., Acting Secretary.

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