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Our Ancestors in America Isaac  Foote
Birth Date:   December 14, 1672
Birth Place:    Unknown
Christening:    Unknown
Death:    February 11, 1758
Burial:   Unknown
Children:    Three Children
Generation:    Third Generation In America

Marriage:    He was married in 1709 to Rebecca Dickerman
Father: Robert Foote
Mother: Sarah Potter

Isaac was born on December 14, 1672 and was possibly the twin of Stephen Foote (19). He was married in 1709 to Rebecca Dickerman. He died February 11, 1758 and she died October 15, 1757. They lived in North Bradford, Connecticut. Isaac had three children. (see vol I, page 33 for more information)

Children of Isaac Foote and Rebecca Dickerson

(I) Jacob Foote
Born February 19,1710 and died unmarried in 1731

(ii) Hanna Foote
Hanna was born February 23, 1712 and married to Rev Philemon Robins of Bradford, Connecticut.. She died June 16, 1776 and he died August 13, 1781. (See volume I, page 33)

(iii) Isaac Foote
Isaac was born on July 16, 1717 and died October 7, 1755 at the age of 38 at Greenbush, NY. On January 28, 1738 he married Mary Hall, daughter of John and Mary (Street) Hall. Mary was born in 1718 and died May 6, 1782 at age 73 in Branford.

The period between 1740 and 1760 was marked by a rise of Military spirit in New England. The colonists were confronted with a scheme of conquest which threatened to bring them under the rule of France, and thus to root up their most cherished rights and liberties.

Isaac Foote was one of those whose patriotism led him into the Army. The records do not tell us what part he bore in those early campaigns which culminated in the capture of Louisburg. In the suceeding was of 1755 we find him holding the rank of Major, which indicates he must have born some honorabl part in the previous struggle. (see Families of Dickermen Ancestry. Pages 505 and 506).

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