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US Census Bureau

The Census Bureau and National Archives web sites can provide information on persons living in the Unted States. However, Although census records are a source of genealogical information, the Census Bureau is not able to locate missing persons, or provide recent information on individuals.

In keeping with the Census Bureau's commitment to confidentiality, Individual records from the federal population censuses are confidential for 72 years, by law (Title 44, U.S. Code). Thus, April 2012 was the scheduled date for the National Archives to open the 1940 records to public use.

Access to Closed Records

The Census Bureau can release details from recent files in the form of official transcripts, but only to the named persons, their heirs, or legal representatives. There is a congressionally mandated fee for this service. Since by law, this census information is confidential and collected only for statistical purposes, it is exempt from the disclosure provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act. This means that no one can gain access to confidential census records or avoid the search fees through these acts.

Federal Census Resources
  • Factfinder Publication
    This publication was issues in June 2008 and contains information about accessing official US Census records.

  • Census Bureau
    Main web site for the US Census Bureau

  • Ask Census .gov
    Frequently asked Questions about the United States Census

  • National Archives
    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation's record keeper. Of all documents and materials created in the course of business conducted by the United States Federal government

  • General Interest Publications
    Free General Interest publications for the National Archives

Additional Research Web Sites
  • 1930 Census Data,com
    1930 Census Resources for Genealogists

  • US Census Microfilm
    Digital Microfilm census images (jpeg) are available on DVD. There is a Fee required

  • Genealinks.com
    Providing a Marriage Record Data Base for each state

  • Genealogy. com
    Search for family records starting with yourself

  • Family Forums
    Our Genealogy Links page with links to family forum pages on Genealogy.com

  • Cemetery Junction

  • Genealogy Resource Kit
    A list of over 70 free resources includes places where you can download free charts, forms, and software.

  • The Olive Tree Genealogy Site
    Containing Ships Passenger Lists

  • Google Surname Searches
    Google search on family surnames which provides links to family history

  • Searchable Genealogy Sites
    Several of the best Genealogy web sites

  • 1940 Census Records
    On April 1, 1940 history was made as the 16th U.S. Census was taken in America and its territories. (Free to use)

  • Search Ancestry.com
    The 1930 Census containing records for approximately 123 million Americans.

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