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Barbara Foote - President

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Barbara (Barb) Foote was elected President of the Foote Family Association of America (FFAA) at the 2013 Educational Conference .

Barb says she first heard of the FFAA from her Grandmother, Sadie Foote, who had been a member until her death at the age of 90. Barb's interest in genealogy goes back to her early childhood. She enjoyed looking at old photos of family members with her grandmother, who would point out their names in the genealogy books.

She also enjoyed sharing her grandparents' stories and showing old photos and clothing. Barb still has several pieces of furniture and trinkets that are a constant reminder of her heritage and says she will always cherish them.

She joined the FFAA several years ago. She says it is quite funny how she came to her first meeting. She had moved to Vernon, CT from North Adams, MA the fall before. Each day she traveled a route that took her past the Quality Inn in Vernon, Connecticut. One morning on her way to the mall she saw the marquis on the roadside sign reading Welcome Foote

That evening she called her parents to let them know what she had seen. Her mother, who had read about the reunion in the newsletter, told Barb she should go! The rest, she says, is history. Being the kind who always jumps right in, she accepted the position of Trustee at her very first reunion.

Four years ago, with the help of another cousin, Barb planned a Foote reunion with her own family From all over the United States, family members gathered at Lake Morey in Vermont. Several of her father's cousins that he had not seen since he was a child were there. It was a great success.

They hope to do it again, maybe this time in Tennessee where another cousin lives. In addition to her activities with the FFAA, Barb has also been a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution for the past 29 years.

She says that work and moving has occupied much of her time recently. She moved 3 times in the last 6 years for positions within the retail field. Currently she is the Regional Store Supervisor for the Pfaltzgraff Company. Founded in 1811, it is one of the oldest pottery companies in the United States.

Originally she was to cover the northeast region, but her territory was recently increased to include Ohio, Indiana, New York and Michigan. Each week she tours company stores, located mostly in Outlet Centers, overseeing the daily operation of the stores and making sure they are running to company standards. They are an excellent company to work for, with a strong philosophy on the family. This philosophy is used to market their dishes, by placing an emphasis on family gatherings and entertaining.

Barb is a collector of Teddy Bears, with a collection numbering about 150 Teddy Bears of all kinds, mostly collector bears. She enjoys working with flowers and fixing her porch with pots of flowers in the summer. She also enjoys interior decorating, and (in her spare time) represents a company out of Dallas, Texas, Home Interior and Gifts. She teaches at home parties and conducts private shows to help people change the appearance of their home by teaching them how to display and colorize their home. She offers a line of products to sell as well.

Barb is the oldest child of Arlyn and Sheila Foote of Cornwall, Vermont. She has two sisters, Carol and Judy. Carol, her husband Lyle and four children live in Bakersfield, Vermont. Judy and her husband Gary live in Bridport, Vermont. Barb has two daughters, Michelle and Katie. Michelle lives in North Adams, Mass., with her two Chows, Maggie and Zeus. Katie and her husband Jim live in Stamford, Vermont. They have just blessed her with a Grandson, Hunter James, born May 25th 2002. Vacationing at Cocoa Beach, Florida, with her sister Judy and her husband Gary in March is always a highlight in the spring.

Barb traces her lineage as follows: Nathaniel #1, Robert #5, John #18, Dr. Thomas Foote #60, Samual #211, David #630, Elizah #1679, Jared #3142, Franklin #4745, Winfield #6001, Arlyn #7824.

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