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Title- Foote Family Articles

A Collection of Information Articles

This page is devoted to a collection of articles appearing on other pages on our web site and new information submitted by members of the Foote Family Association of America.

Please Note - This Web Site was prepared as a service to the members of Foote Family Association of America (FFAA) and all Foote families worldwide. Neither the FFAA nor any of their members, makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

The opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the FFAA, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes

Foote Family Articles
  • A Headstone Mystery - - A genealogist story submitted by Albert Foote.

  • Find A Grave How to use Find A Grave.co to search information on your ancestors. The Find A Grave concept is presented in findagrave.com and it is a free site. Enter the site by clicking on the link that currently says: Search 132 million grave records. After the site is entered, you can explore to see what data is offered.

  • John Foote of Bermuda Lt. John Foote was an officer of the Independent Company of Foot which was a company of British Army soldiers sent to Bermuda, probably around 1701.

  • Warren Foote of Utah was elected the Captain of a Wagon Train that reached Utah Sept. 17, 1850. Through out his life he did many things. He was a farmer and he kept his own bees, a stage driver, a school teacher, a miller, a Post Master, a Justice of the Peace, a Major in the Mormon Militia, a Civic Leader. He also wrote much in his journal and correspondence and he was a poet.

  • Colchester Castle
    The Castle at Colchester, a royal fortress, was built about 1080 by William the Conqueror. The original building comprised outworks, ramparts, a fortified gateway (presumably with drawbridge), and a ditch or moat, with palisades. All that now remains consists of the ruined "Keep," of large proportions and great strength.  This excerpt was presented in Abram Foote's second book published in 1932

  • News from Colchester Church- an article submitted by Father Peter Walker, Rector of the Parish Church of St. James the Great, Colchester, England, where Nathaniel Foote was baptized.

  • Admiral Andrew Hall Foote - an article from the FootePrints Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 2, Fall 2010 (New).

  • Fort Foote National Park, Maryland- an article from the "FootePrints Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 2, Fall 2010."

  • Footesteps in Time
    John Foote introduced Damien Cregeau, historian and Foote cousin, who delivered the keynote address at the last rededication of the Nathaniel Foote Monument at Weathersfield, MA

  • FFAA Formation 1907
    Marilyn Foote Masi, First Vice-President for the association, spoke about the formation in 1907 and reformation in 1984 of the Foote Family Association of America.

  • Rededication of the Nathaniel Foote Monument
    Barbara Foote, President of the Foote Family Association, conducted the Rededication of Nathaniel Foote, The Settler, Monument.

  • FFAA First Meeting (1)
    Part (1) of the First Meeting of the Foote Family Association of America on June 5, 1907"

  • FFAA First Meeting (2)
    Part (2) of the First Meeting of the Foote Family Association of America on June 5, 1907"

Pasco Foote Articles
By Harriet Rockwell
  • Pasco Foote
    Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many articles devoted to Pasco Foote of Salem and his descendants. I'm Harriet Rockwell, a 13th generation descendant of Pasco, and I'll be collecting information to share with other FFAA members on this website.

  • Pasco Foote Information
    Since this portion of the web page is devoted to the immigrant, Pasco Foote, and his descendants, let's take a look at the information that's been published about him and about some of his descendants who were also named Pasco Foote.

  • Manchester by the Sea
    While tracing your ancestors, don't overlook the wealth of information to be found by visiting the towns where they lived and reading the histories of those towns. This article tracks the history of the fishing industry in New England.

  • Zachariah Foote and the Migration to Nova Scotia
    At some point, most of us have read about the historic events that led to the migration of scores of New England colonists to Nova Scotia in the 18th century. For those of us with an ancestor who took part in that migration, the story is especially fascinating.

  • Sherburn Burnham
    Descendants of Pasco Foote can proudly claim the ninetieth century astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Burnham, as kin. The story of this self-made man, who was an important contributor to the study of double stars, is an interesting one. Sherburne Wesley Burnham was born December 12, 1838 in Thetford, Vermont, the son of Marinda Foote and Roswell Burnham

  • Photos from the 1800s
    If you read the article about the astronomer, Sherburne Wesley Foote above, you may remember that his other hobby was photography

  • British Prison Ships
    While researching early descendants of the immigrant Pasco Foote of Salem, I came across another historically interesting story that I'd like to share with the members of FFAA. The research for this one started with Caleb Foote who was a 3rd great grandson of the immigrant Pasco of Salem

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