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Who Are We
Memorial to the Ten men who settled Wethersfield. The Foote Family Association of America was organized during October of 1984 in step with the 350th anniversary of the settlement of Wethersfield by ten adventurers in 1634. Our ancestor Nathaniel Foote was one of those Ten Adventurers. The Foote Family Association of America, Inc. (FFAA) is the reorganization of the original Association of Foote descendants who trace their roots back to the early 1500's in England. This is the official Web site of the Foote Family Association of America, Inc.

The Original Association
The foote Monument in Wethersfield Connecticut
The original Foote Family Association of America was organized in Wethersfield, Conn in 1907. This chapter was active until about 1930-1934. On September 17th,1908 the original association placed the "Nathaniel Foote Memorial Monument" on the village green, which is the site of the Nathaniel Foote's homestead. This monument was restored and rededicated during the 1984 Education Conference, and again rededicated in August 2009 during the 2009 Foote Family Education Conference.

Visiting Wethersfield
If you wish to visit Wethersfield in the future the nearest airport is Bradley International (BDL) which is served by Southwest Airlines and all other major carriers. Boston's Logan Airport is about 2 hours away as are airports in Providence, RI and Albany, NY. The Hartford area is also served by AMTRAK for those opting to travel by train.

Wethersfield Web Sites
The current Association
The current chapter has been together more than 29 years and has more than 400 members. Most members are the descendants of Nathaniel Foote of Wethersfield, CT; Pasco Foote of Salem, MA; RichardFoote of Virginia. Some members may find that they are descendants of other "Footes".

All "Foote" descendants are welcome to be members of FFAA

It is estimated there are more than one million living descendants of Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming (1600-1683). It is the Association's objective to give every family member an opportunity to be included in the family record, as well as the Foote Family Association of America. Please go to the Become a Member link for instructions on submitting your family group sheet
What Can We Offer?
As a result of many years of researching family histories, we have amassed a great deal of information about our ancestors and their movements from Colchester, England to Wethersfield, CT. We offer Information about our early ancestors and how they come to be in america.. We feature information on the footsteps of Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming From Colchester, England to Wethersfield, CT, with information on Pasco Foote the brother of Nathaniel.

More About Our Ancestors
Who are our Ancestors?
small map of England As far as can be determined from available publications and sources the majority of the Foote families of America are all descended with few exceptions from either Nathaniel Foote of Colchester England, who initially settled Watertown, Mass, or Pasco Foote who settled in Salem Mass.
(Source: Article in Footeprints - Summer 1999 Issue - The Foote Family Association Of America)

The period of time encompasses some 486 years from the birth of our oldest ancestor to the present.

There were two brothers, Richard (the elder) and William Foote descended out of Cornwall, England who were dispatched by their father Nicholas (who was a London merchant) to Stafford, King George County, Virginia. Richard and William are not thought to be related to Nathaniel or Pasco.
Their Arrival In America
small map of USAAccepted data from the period indicates that only a few colonists arrived in New England in the years immediately following the arrival of the Mayflower. As an example, It is known that in the spring of 1630, about 1500 people crossed the Atlantic in one expedition organized and led by John Winthrop, first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. (see more information about our family in the Family History Link)

Soon after Governor Winthrop's 1630 expedition Nathaniel Foote, his family, and Pasco Foote decided to seek their fortunes in the New World. According to tradition, they left their homes in Colchester and sailed to Plymouth Massachusetts on the brig, Fortune.
(source: "Foote History and Genealogy - Book 1, By Abram Foote, Published 1907"

need  help  looking for an ancestor? then check our message board

Association Objectives
The objectives of this Association shall be:
  • To encourage and develop family contacts among all members of the FOOTE Family (or any variation in the spelling of FOOTE).

  • To encourage and develop the study of the genealogy of each branch of the FOOTE family.

  • To collect, evaluate, and preserve manuscripts and printed materials and other physical items pertaining to the FOOTE family, their spouses, and their descendants.

  • To provide material and books to be used for the public in researching their family along the FOOTE line, i.e. DAR application.

  • If the opportunity presents itself, to be able to purchase, receive, lease, take the gift, devise, or bequest or otherwise acquire, own, hold, improve, preserve, restore, use, or otherwise deal in and with real or personal

  • To encourage and stimulate the young, middle, and old to see and understand that leading a wholesome, responsible, honorable, and patriotic life is most fulfilling.

  • To create opportunities to educate people about our forefathers: what they accomplished and what they and we have gained through their sacrifices.

  • To engage in such other undertakings as may be necessary or desirable, and to exercise generally the powers granted to non-stock corporations pursuant to the laws of the State of Connecticut, so as to educate the general public regarding the significant and patriotic services of the Foote Family.

Current Projects
The Current association is deeply involved in several projects designed to increase awareness of our family heritage.

  • Developing and Publishing a third Foote Family Genealogy Book. (a continuation of the two books written by Mr. Abram Foote.

  • Establishing this Web site as a place to go for information on our family heritage.

  • Establishing a Web accessible database containing names and information of our ancestors.

  • Continuing research into our ancestors history in old England.

Foote Family Genealogy  (Volume III, Book 1)
Descendants of Elizabeth 2 (Foote) Churchill

Published in 2009 by Otter Bay Books, Baltimore MD. The book is a 81/2 X 11 bound hard cover and is brown to match the first 2 volumes of the Foote Genealogy.

$66 for shipping within U.S.
(for Canadian shipping, please add $10)

Make checks payable to:
Foote Family Association of America

On the memo line, please write:
Volume III Book I

Send order to:
Foote Family Association of America
P. O. Box 418
Middlefield, CT 06455

Foote Family Genealogy   (Volume III, Book 2)
Descendants of Mary 3 (Foote) Stoddard

The book begins with Nathaniel's daughter Mary (b. 1623) and goes from second generation in America through fourteenth generation (circa 2010)

Thirty copies of the just published Book Two/Mary are available.

Book Two "Mary" provides an update about the earlier families presented in Volumes 1 and 2 about John Foote (d. 1558) through Nathaniel (b. 1593).

Also the book has information on the English Origins of Foote Families in America; the events that took place since preparation of Volume 2 in 1932; photo of the Nathaniel Foote Memorial, Wethersfield, CT dedication on September 17, 1908; and the rededication in Wethersfield. CT on August 8, 2009 during the 2009 Foote Family reunion.

The book is a 81/2 X 11 bound hard cover and is brown to match the first 3 volumes of the Foote Genealogy

$62 for shipping within U.S.. Add $10.00 for shipments to outside the Continental United States

Make checks payable to:
Foote Family Association of America

On the memo line, please write:
Volume III Book II

Send order to:
Foote Family Association of America
P. O. Box 418
Middlefield, CT 06455
Additional Book Sources:
Many sources in books and on the Internet give conflicting information concerning dates and names. For this reason the majority of information has been extracted from the following sources:

"The Ancestors and Descendants of Theodore Monroe Foote"
by Roberta E. Foote, Topeka, Kansas, published August, 1969.

Foote Family Genealogy by Nathaniel
Goodwin, published 1849

"Tainters Records of Colchester"
published 1864

"Historical Collections",
by John Barber, published 1838

"NEGROR",Voll. IX,
1855, p.272,"Pedigree of Foote", compiled from Goodwin's Genealogy
of the Foote Family.

"A History of the United States and it's People"
by Edward Eggleston

"The New England
Historical and Genealogy

published 1897

"Waters "Genealogical Gleanings in England"
Vol 2, pp 1274-1285

"Extracts from the
Records of Colchester"

By Charles Taintor. published, Hartford Press 1864

The Complete Baronage Vol. I
By Cokayne, George E. (George Edward); 1900; Vol. I , Volume III, 1900

The Complete Baronage Vol. III; page 129
By Cokayne, George E. (George Edward); 1903; Vol. III; page 129 , Volume III,

"The American Genealogist"
A Catalog of Family Histories and Publications, by Willim H. Witmore

"The Complete History, Connecticut Civil and Ecclesiastical Vol, I"
By Benjamin Trumbull, D.D. - Published 1818

"The Complete History, Connecticut Civil and Ecclesiastical Vol, II"By Benjamin Trumbull, D.D. - Published 1894

"Guide to the History and Historic Places in Connecticut,"
by Mary Crofut, published 1937

"New England Families", Vol. I,
pp.279-281, William Richard Cutter, Woburn, MA., 1913.

Records of the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut.

Research conducted by our Historian/Genealogist Mrs. Dorothy Backus Offensed.

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